Manish Naggdev
Manish Naggdev, who was seen in Madhubala on Colors, has a food joint named Oye. That means that he is not only an actor but a restaurateur too.
Divyanka Tripathi, our guest editor for a day, spoke to her friend.
Shared Manish, “Well I am so elated with the response of my new outlet, its turned out to be amazing. It has grown a lot, I remember I had begun with 25 flavors of Maggie and now I have originated somewhat sixty type of flavors. All these flavors have been developed by me.”
He continued, “I always have some recipes in mind and while driving I think what other flavors and types of floats and variations I can have. First, I try them at home and later introduce them at my outlet. I take the first comments from my mother at home, then my staff. Finally, we roll out and put those flavors on the menu.”
Talking about his outlet, Manish further averred, “Here, I want to say that all the soda making machines that I have, are made to order and customized. I make sure that my entire set up is hygienic. May I take this opportunity to disclose that we now have multiple menus of Maggies and sodas.”
“Well, I can say that being a Sindhi, business is in my blood. Of course, this is my back up business. Since acting is not a secure stream, you need to have a back up,” he concluded.